Windows 11 new logo

Windows 11 has finally been announced by Microsoft – and they will want to kill this unfortunate trend…

Window XP (Great) > Windows Vista (Bad) > Windows 7 (Good) > Windows 8 (Bad) > Windows 10 (Good) … Windows 11?

So is Windows 11 going to be a winner or a dogs dinner! What we know so far…

  1. Window 11 will be a free upgrade – If your PC or laptop can handle it
  2. It will have a new start menu system – this time in the bottom centre of the screen
  3. It will allow you to run Android apps! (That promises to be great news)
  4. Teams will be the new Skype
  5. It will better handle multiple monitors (useful for homeworkers since Covid)
  6. It will look and feel a little more like a Apple Mac OS with panels you can scroll in from the side so should look good
  7. It should be offered around Autumn 2021 – but we shall see

From a technical standpoint Windows 11 will be building upon Windows 10 so I expect everything to upgrade smoothly. There will always be glitches – normally caused by hardware issues such as hard drives etc but the Windows 10 update process has improved vastly since the Windows Vista and Windows XP – days of the PC taking 3 -4 hours to update.

I hope they don’t force the upgrade like they did with Windows 10. I had so many complaints where users had switched their PC on in the morning to find Windows 7 replaced with Windows 10 – not good.

I will be looking closely at how they handle e-mail system. I really didn’t like the Windows 10 mail program and neither did a lot of users. Too much of a change. Everyone just loved Outlook Express – why change so much?

For now there not enough detailed information. We wont really find the major issues until users start to actually download the first version and upgrade. That’s when the real fun will start!

Bye for now.