Backing up

A summary updated review of Windows 11

What we like…

  • It looks nice
  • Its better for touch screen devices
  • You can run some Android Apps on the devices – but it can be frustrating
  • You can layout windows in a more structured way – not that useful unless you have multiple monitors

What we don’t like…

  • Really not that much wrong with the layout of Window 7 (or XP for that matter)
  • It doesn’t work on some devices even though they are easily capable – forces users into upgrading their hardware (and spend money for no good reason)
  • It shares your information with Microsoft – unless you continually opt out


If you like new shiny things then go for it. You might not have a choice as new laptops and desktops come with Windows 11 as standard (Although we can install Windows 10 if you would prefer).

Why does it always seam to be more about making money than actually helping the user? I find it so frustrating that Microsoft feel it necessary to keep reinventing the wheel. Users don’t want to give their details away, so why ask in the first place? Users don’t want for their desktop to keep changing. It’s a bit like supermarkets moving the bread isle. Just annoying! Most of the people we deal with still say that XP or Windows 7 was great.

Most of our users want to simply use the Internet, do emails, print stuff, look at their photos, listen to music and write documents. Perhaps some want to play games, but it really should be the game that is important not the operating system… Rant over!

So should you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11? If you are wanting a change – go for it. We are always here should you need any extra help. Good luck!