Will Windows 10 Break My Computer?

Perhaps! Keep reading to discover the nitty gritty…

Will Windows 10 Break my Computer? Brooks Computer Shop

July 29th, 2015.

A date to mark in your calendar as the day Microsoft will begin rolling out their latest (and perhaps best) Operating System to date.

Have you noticed? A little Microsoft flag in the bottom right of your computer screen yet? Click on it and you will be offered the temptation of  ‘Get Windows 10’.

But what does this mean, and how much does it cost?

The second part of the question is easy – it’s FREE – but only if you have a valid and licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8. The first part of the question is much more difficult, but, continue reading and I will try to explain.

Going Back, Moving Forwards

To understand how Windows 10 came about I will have to talk about Windows 8. Windows 8 out of the box is not that easy to use. The biggest single complaint was the fact it had removed the ‘Start’ button. This meant that users were unable to easily navigate through to where they wanted to be.

The first time I used Windows 8 I had to Google ‘How to shut down windows 8’ – that can’t be a good thing!

And the more I used it the more frustrated I grew. Unfortunately I wasn’t on my own. Millions of other users were complaining about the same thing –

‘Where is my Start Button?’, ‘How do I set up my Emails?’, ‘Where are my Photos?’.

Microsoft had dropped a real clanger. Windows 8 was received badly by loyal users. Now for the really annoying part – Windows 8 was actually a really well designed Operating System if you could only forgive it’s clothing. It was the quickest system to boot that I’d seen and coupled with a Solid State hard drive it was much quicker than Window 7. It was also much more secure. We saw fewer virus and malware issues thorough our shop with Windows 8 than any of Microsoft’s previous offerings. It was just a pain to use. A desktop Operating System suited and booted with a tablets clothing.

A real case of the Emperors New Clothes!

So, Windows 10 And Beyond …

Responsive Operating Systems!

Microsoft have realised that it is not good enough to be OK on a desktop and it needs to provide their software to other platforms such as Apple Macs.

To be successful their software has to respond well to the device running it

So for example if Windows 10 is running on a tablet, then it needs to operate nicely like an iPad or Galaxy Tab does. If it is running on a mobile phone it needs to operate well like an iPhone or Samsung. And if it is running on a desktop it needs to operate like a great desktop.

So What Great Features Do We Get With Windows 10?

We get a start button back! Which means I can navigate around my computer again.

We get Siri for Windows (Cortina) a digital assistant, which means I can control my computer by speaking to it.

We get virtual desktop’s which actually is really cool because it allows the user to have different desktops for different tasks. For me that would be setting one desktop up for home use, and one set up for business use.

It should be quicker to operate.

It should be more resilient to hackers and virus attacks.

The Big Question: Will It Break My Computer?

In short, it might!

Later on, when we all know the implications of upgrading (which Microsoft are keeping close to their chest) and teething problems have gone, yes upgrade. Now though be patient and wait.

Windows 10 will be a great Operating System – in time.

(Of course I will keep you posted)