Is Your Dell Computer or Laptop at Risk of ‘DSDTestProvider’ Flaw?

If you own a Dell computer you might want to do a quick check to see if you are at risk of a flaw ‘DSDTestProvider’ in some of their devices. How to find out…

1) If your computer was shipped earlier than August 2015 the chances are you are safe!

2) If your computer was shipped during or after August then there is a very good chance your device has the vulnerability

How to remove:

Disclaimer: You perform the following options at your own risk. Please make sure you have backed up your computer. If you want us to do this for you then please call the shop and arrange for a technician’s help.

  1. Start your Task Manager.
  2. Click More Details
  3. Click Services from the row of tabs
  4. Click Open Services or Services
  5. Click Dell Foundation Services
  6. Click Stop the service
  7. Open File Explorer.
  8. Search for “Dell.Foundation.Agent.Plugins.eDell.dll”
  9. Right-click “Dell.Foundation.Agent.Plugins.eDell.dll”
  10. Click Delete
  11. Type “certmgr.msc” into Cortana Search
  12. Click on certmgr.msc
  13. Click Trusted Root Certificate Authorities
  14. Click on Certificates
  15. Right-click on DSDTestProvider if you see it on the right side of the window
  16. Click Delete
  17. Click Yes to confirm.
  18. Right-click on eDellRoot
  19. Click Delete
  20. Click Yes to confirm
  21. Restart your computer
  22. Repeat steps 11–14 to review the certificates available
  23. DSDTestProvider and eDellRoot certificates should now be gone

Good luck and if you need any help please get in touch!

Andy Brooks

Source Images by Wikipedia